AVA Timber

AVA Timber was established as an enterprise that bridges the gap between the forest owner and the end customer. Established in 2020, AVA Timber is a New Zealand-based in-house export sales and marketing function that delivers direct involvement, enhanced visibility and superior efficiency in its export pathway.

At Ava Timber, we export logs to clients across a range of geographic regions

We export our products to China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, India and South East Asia


Ethics and integrity

The term AVA is derived from the Latin phrase “Agi Videant Aequitates (AVA)”. This translates to “Equitable Dealing,” meaning to be fair and impartial. Our foundational principle is to treat all clients, employees and partners fairly. This ethos has allowed AVA Timber to form and maintain strong and enduring relationships. It’s the experienced individuals at AVA Timber who are crucial in maintaining a high degree of oversight and monitoring of activity. This guarantees we are in line with the best practices of ethics and integrity.

Why use AVA Timber?

AVA Timber recognises the intrinsic complexities in optimising sales and shipping logistics across multiple loads and discharge ports. In this ever-changing shipping landscape, AVA Timber strives to secure the most cost-effective break bulk and shipping container solutions for all our clients. 

When choosing AVA Timber to manage your company’s sales and marketing function, you can be assured that the goods will be delivered on time and at the lowest practical cost – benefiting all clients.

We bring global business to life.

At AVA Timber, our joint venture partners Manulife and Rayonier Matariki Forests are some of New Zealand’s largest forest owners. We form and maintain strong and enduring relationships with our global clients, maintaining a high degree of oversight, ethics and integrity.

Head Office

Level 1, 8 Mahuhu Crescent,
Auckland CBD 1010, New Zealand

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